Seattle Research Partners, Inc. Awards & Testimonials

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We continually partner to research, explore, discover, and design thought-provoking programs that improve HR professional performance.

Here is what some of our over 700 recent participants have to say:



"I will definitely recommend Seattle Research Partners for any colleagues looking to prep for the SHRM exam." - Ben E., Winter 2017

"I would be remiss if I didn't extend my gratitude for your instruction over the past quarter and for engaging our class in thoughtful discussion each Tuesday. I found that I rather liked class and in no way did it feel like a chore to attend. I appreciated your willingness to answer questions and allow us to express our opinions concerning the content and during group discussions." - Jacob W., Winter 2017

" I took my exam today and passed (see attached)!!! Very much of a relief! Whew. It was intense but very happy and appreciative with the prep and training we had in the course to help us think through the proper solutions." - Chasity L., Winter 2017

"Both Leslie P. and I  passed the exam! The classes were a great help!" - Leslie P. & Robin T., Winter 2015

"I would like to first thank you, Jim, and the SRP team for facilitating a great learning environment. I passed! Without all of your help, I wouldn't have had the confidence and knowledge [needed]...I had a chance to speak with another HR tester who took a different learning course than SRP.  She [was cramming] the night before and the day of while in the car. This was a red flag to me since we've been ingrained not to [cram]... she didn't pass." - Julie S., Fall 2014

"Thanks (again) for being so supportive in the learning process.  This morning I passed my SPHR exam.  Whew! You and your colleagues are so focused on preparing strong Human Resource professionals.  It means a lot..." Michael D., Winter 2014

"Wow! I was literally smiling the whole drive home from the testing center... I just wanted to say thank you for the SRP program. Feeling like I definitely could not have done it without the foundations that were established through your program." - Ashley N., Fall 2013 

"The advice you shared in Saturday School to partner up with a study group was really invaluable.  The three other people in my study group... all passed their exams as really helped with the application of the information and putting some of the abstract concepts into a format that was digestible." - Gen R., Spring 2013

"That is one stressful test! I would never have been able to do it without the classes, the learning method, and the encouragement along the way. I feel like I really learned the material, not just memorized it, and can really put it to use in my job transition into Human Resources..." Harry R., Spring 2013

 "Preliminary results indicate, I passed the PHR exam on Monday afternoon. I wanted to let you know I am absolutely certain this is primarily due to your instruction, coaching and study methodology.  I enjoyed the classes and appreciate the opportunity..." Todd B., 2012

"I took my PHR exam this past weekend and passed!  Thank you so much for the time you invested...  I found the process of the learning guide really helped me retain information learned in prior weeks....  Thank you again; the investment you made in my success is truly appreciated.  I will be recommending this class to anyone seeking their certification; I couldn't have done it without your program." Sofia V., 2012